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Throughout the month of September we will be sharing coupon saving tips and ideas every day. So check back daily for a new and exciting money saving tip all Coupon Month.

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Day 10: 7 Expensive Things you Should Buy with Coupons

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Whether you clip the circular every week have no clue what a coupon is, you absolutely must, without a shadow of a doubt, find a coupon for these crazily expensive must-haves. Don’t even venture to the store without one!

  1. Appliances
    Appliances are always on sale! Don’t even use the word sale, because that price tag above the “new, reduced!” number is anything but list price. Bright yellow signs simply sell things better. What you need to look at is the total price including tax and installation (if needed). On top of holiday sales and Energy Star rebates note that many companies like Best Buy also mails coupons for Reward Zone Members, which can save 10-15% extra. Keep an eye on Friends and Family discounts throughout the year.
  2. Oil Changes
    A standard run-of-the-mill oil change will set you back $39.99, or more depending on your neck of the woods. Many dealerships and local oil joint spots send coupons in the mail for $16.99 or $19.99 specials–some even include tire rotation. Be careful when you go in to resist the up-sell. Sometimes your filter needs to be replaced and your system flushed, but not every visit.
  3. Computers
    Computers are like appliances. The slashed price is rarely what any shopper pays. The “good deal” is regular price. If you are a student with a valid ID, many companies like Apple and Dell offer periodic 10-15% off specials (usually at the beginning of the school semester). Beware of “coupons” issued in the form of store gift card! You need a laptop. Not a laptop and $100 toward a 50″ flat screen.Another great time to buy is right after an updated model rolls out. Nobody wants last year’s body style, even though the average user doesn’t need much more than an office suite, photo storage, and stable operating system.

    Your best bet for buying computers is online with a promo code. Deals abound every day of the year, but for huge discounts look to November and December. Cyber Monday (November 27, 2010) participants will offer huge discounts for tech purchases. Or if your looking for to give a computer as a Christmas gift look for deals on Free Shipping Day.

  4. Natural Foods
    If you’re a sucker for organic crackers and minimally processed grains, you need to grab a coupon from the manufacturer. Many Paul Newman, Auntie Annie, and Stonyfield Farms products have click and print coupons. The small manufacturers have greater rewards and easy access, unlike the bigger brands, making the price between traditionally and synthetically grown foods competitive. If you’re willing to take an extra three minutes to print a coupon.
  5. Razors
    The markup on razor heads is close to 300%. With the price of a package of 4 cartridges running $7 or more, you literally can’t afford to shop without a coupon. The best place to buy razor heads is your local pharmacy. CVS and Walgreen’s regularly offer coupons in conjunction with sales, which can bring down the total price considerably.
  6. Clothing Purchased Online
    The most deals you’ll find for clothing are online, especially in the coupon arena. Yes, you need to give the jeans a test run (and most online stores still charge for return shipping). So go to the Gap or wherever, squeeze into your single digit size and give it a few squats and lunges. If the bill fits, order it online with your coupon and free shipping code. Customers who sign up for the mailing list will get additional deals in the mail, but it’s much easier to find deals online.
  7. Diapers
    When new parents have baby showers they request fuzzy blankets and cuddly toys. But after second, third, and fourth babies spring into the picture, these same mommies and daddies beg for diapers. Forget Baby Einstein! That poop factory needs an airtight seal. Next to formula feeding, disposable diapers suck up the majority of baby funds.In the past Pamper’s has been a bit stingy with issuing diaper coupons, but they are now much more competitive with Huggies (especially while promoting their new Drymax diaper line). Looking inside the plastic packaging for coupon inserts (usually for $1-$2 dollars) and pair those deals with sales. Also check Walgreen’s and CVS pharmacy coupons to use with your manufacturer coupon. You’ll save $4-$8 off a box of diapers with combo coupons and store sales.

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