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Mobile Coupons

Texted promotions are in full swing. No more lame excuses that coupons take forever to find and keep track of—if you have a phone, you have instant connections to coupons. Smart Phone users have an even bigger advantage with barcoded, mobile coupons that sales associates scan directly on the phone.

You get to be that guy with the VIP back door discount! Folks will be in awe of how cool your thriftiness is. To enjoy the freedom of paperless discounts while wowing the folks behind you, get armed with the latest advancements in mobile coupons.

Coupon Sherpa
Coupon Sherpa works on iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad and provides shoppers with scan able coupons off their devices.

Use the mobiQpons app on iPhone Blackberry, or Android to save at local businesses.

Use CellFire to save on groceries and retail shopping purchases.

Use Valpak on your blackberry, android, or iphone to recieve local savings at local merchants.

Use Yowza for coupon savings on your iPhone and iPod touch.


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