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Did you know that the first Coupon Month was September 1998?

Coupon Month was created by the Performance Marketing Association.


About Coupon Month

About National Coupon MonthWelcome to I ♥ Coupon Month, where couponing tips, resources, and trends abound! Whether you're new to the coupon scene or routinely purchase your month of groceries for a buck, this site will challenge you to dig deeper for giant savings.

There's only one reason for not clipping coupons: you don't think the time it takes to track them down is worth the return. After all, 75¢ off Box 'o Dry Macaroni doesn't exactly slash the budget. Coupons don't rake in state lotto-sized earnings, at least not up front.

However, the average family can save from $500-$1000 each year simply by incorporating coupons into online and in-store purchases. Even if you don't want that extra cash for a great vacation every two years, stashing the savings away at just 5% will return nearly $40,000 after 20 years! How many of us win that kind of cash in a scratch-off game? Little by little, a lifestyle of clipping coupons chips away at your budget, allowing you to spend money on things far less boring than pasta and under shirts.

Now you're interested! As if the savings weren't enough, couponing also helps:

  • Shoppers become aware of their favorite products' prices, making them smarter shoppers.
  • Encourage shoppers to watch for sales to get double and triple value from coupons.
  • Kids learn about math. Explore subtraction and percentages--then recruit them to hunt coupons with you!
  • Demand lower prices from retail giants.
  • Customers sample new products for pennies.

Sharpen your scissors and stay tuned for our 30 Days of Savings Tips—let's ring in September with a bargain bang!


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