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September is National Coupon Month

Coupon Usage is on the Rise

Grab your scissors, snatch a Sunday circular, and let the coupon clipping commence! September is National Coupon Month and you have several reasons to celebrate, the green-and-white kind of reasons that pad your wallet.

Why is National Coupon Month worthy of a righteous party? Because no other recognized month empowers you to keep more of the money you earn with minimal change to your lifestyle.

Thanks to the one-two punch of the recession an advances in digital distribution, the Great American Coupon is experiencing a comeback. After a 14-year decline ending in 2006, coupon redemption continues to rise. Usage continues to spread to consumers of all income levels, with nearly 60% earning more than $50,000 per year as of 2010.

While traditional coupons remain popular, Internet and mobile coupon use is rising faster than a double-yeast loaf of bread. A June 2011 study by eMarketer revealed 88.2 million consumers will use online and printable coupons as an important part of their shopping experience this year. That's 47% of adult Internet users! The same study also revealed 92.5 million adult Internet users will use coupon codes in 2012, versus 96.8 million in 2013.

In fact, every hour spent couponing is worth an estimated $100 and the average savings per coupon is $1.44.

So are you tired of paying for online shipping? Do you avoid eye contact with your grocery receipt? Would you just rather not pay as much for the most items you typically buy? Embrace National Coupon Month with these savings tips and watch your receipts grow longer while the total shrinks.

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